Planetary Transit

Planetry Transit


In Vedic Astrology, Planetary Transit has an important significance. As per Indian Astrology planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc are constantly moving on their defined path. This entire activity is often termed as Planet Transits, which effectively differs from one planet to another. As per the Sanskrit language, “Gamana” is referred to as the movement of the planets . In our solar system when all nine planets transit, as per Sanskrit language their movements which happen every second affect our lives individually .

It not only affects humans but also as well as their transit affects the entire universe. The movement by all the planets or the planet transits affect the life of all living bodies.



As per Vedic Astrology, every planet has a varying speed of movement hence every planet one’s life differently. We can understand this by taking the example of Moon; the movement of the moon affects one zodiac sign in and for 2 days and 6 hours (54 hrs approx.).

While Vedic Astrology is the science which already described about the planets and their motions in Vedas or ancient creations a long time ago. Our Rishis has already discussed about the planets and their impacts on Earth. In Astrology, only seven major planets are considered to influence life on Earth. The list of the seven Major planets are as follows with their distances in ascending order from Sun.

Sun (The King Planet) and the other major planets, which revolve around the Sun, are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Apart from this, one more object is added in Vedic Astrology as a Planet named as "Moon", though we all know it is a satellite of planet "Earth" but Astrologically, Moon also affects the life on Earth as it is very closer to our planet. It is the main object in the Universe which affects the "Mind" of a person.



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